Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks premiered on Showtime in May 2017:

I played Señorita Dido and with the help of ????? or The Fireman played by Carel Struycken, sent a glowing orb with the face of Laura Palmer to earth. The craziest thing someone showed me... In 1979, David Lynch drew a sketch he called "Nude on a Divan":

And this is the scene in the White Lodge we shot in 2016:

It was a total dream shoot, such a trip and an honor to work with someone like Lynch and his team. Also, don't ever let anyone tell you that acting class is bullshit and you'll never play with invisible space props in "real life":

Other cool things: FAN ART!!

And a bunch of Halloween costumes, including a jaw-dropping Señorita Dido burlesque act by @bunnybuxom at @thepinkroomburlesque.

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