January 2016

I've got a new reel!!

I'm super excited about those new scenes from the Bang Bang Brokers and Walk-Through starting at 2:39 - Lee Daniel (not the director/producer Lee Daniels, the DP Lee Daniel) has shot all of Richard Linklater's films from Dazed and Confused to Boyhood and it was really cool to watch him work on that set.

That whole film was really interesting-- it's an art film commissioned by 3 galleries in the UK, that's since been shown all over the world: screenings at the Vienna International Film Festival to MIT. It's focused on exploring a particular class at CalArts: Michael Asher's Post-Studio and our dialogue was a direct transcription of interviews with former students. Can I tell you how hard it is to memorize a direct transcription of someone's exptemporaneous speech on the founding of an art school? It's hard. And lucky me, I got a particularly long and florid speech that had to happen on this big beautiful choreographed crane sweep that moved over all 25 actors and extras and ended smack dab on my mug. No mistakes allowed. And we were shooting on film.

So I did it!! I can't remember if I was a one-take wonder that afternoon (probably not), but I think I got it by the 2nd or 3rd try and NOBODY WAS MAD AT ME. I'm certain of that.

Anyway, this month I also performed in a Table Read Series at CAA, auditioned for a series reg on a new pilot, attended the SAG Foundation panel of nominees for the Artios Awards- Linda Lowy, Laray Mayfield, Leah Daniels-Butler, Sharon Bialy and Sherri Thomas had so much interesting stuff to say about how they cast their projects; and I did the Weekend Intensive at the V.O. Dojo- learned SO MUCH from Tish Hicks and can't wait to get started with the pro Fight Club there!

Also I met Beth Grant at a screening of her new film and I don't think I made the greatest impression on her. Note to self: Do not tell people "I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAAAAAN." It makes things weird. Just ask them what kind of roles they played in their teens and 20's - before they were "old enough" to play the twisted heavies they're known for - like you've always wanted to know. Then you might actually have a real conversation and not dribble into a pool of "yeaaaaah... and then I watched your other movieeee... and I loved that other one toooo...." It's not pretty.

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