September 2015

Did you see me dancing in the Emmy's promo video? It was a long, scorching hot day, but I had a great time with the other dancers and it was so nice to meet Kerry Washington and Andy Samberg.

Saw my friend Will Greenberg in a production of Lone Star in a really cool unconventional theatre space earlier in September: they'd set up a stage in someone's front yard, mounted stage lights in the beds of a couple pickup trucks and sat the audience on folding chairs underneath the stars. Really great production and really fun night.

I audited an acting class with Annie Grindlay. I really loved her focus on the audition experience as opposed to pure scene study. Definitely a front-runner for me.

2 more staged readings this month: one a funny funny funny feature called DEVORE, BABY at Scriptd, and the other a dramady called Pescador. I played a neurotic PhD candidate and had the biggest part of all. (OK, read stage directions. But I had the most lines.)

Saw my college friend Gina Gallegos at a casting director workshop at ACW and finally met costume designer, writer, and coolest of cool chicks Alison Freer at the Angelyne art show. Angelyne was amazing, the crowd was unstoppable, and you should buy Alison's book, How to Get Dressed.

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