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June 30, 2015

Huge month!!

Was cast last-second in THE SHAPE SHIFTER as Shonda.  

Like literally last second! A friend in production called me in a panic at 11:30pm: the actress for their night shoot was a NO SHOW.  Who does that?! No show I mean, obviously I understand a panicked phone call.  My friend says "Joy. Please. There's a 30 person crew here, we've only got this location tonight.  It's a great scene, you'll be perfect, we'll pay you ###."  

I was in my PJs and like 30 minutes from their location, but me and my Savior complex headed right over.  

"Okay, the scene is from here, to (flip, flip, flip, flip) here, it's just you and the star, and this last page is all your crying monologue.  Hair and make-up are waiting for you!"


I got to memorizing shot #1 as fast as my little brain could handle and 15 minutes later was on set.  

By 5 am, I was heading home on cloud nine.  I got to ride that little power scooter, cause thousands of dollars worth of property damage, work with an amazing actor and crew and a really really great director (who totally got me crying instantly when the scene called for it).

Super excited to see the final cut! 



Also this month, I finished first draft of a screenplay adaptation of MY MOBSTER!

And a film I shot earlier this year: JOBLESS was accepted into Burbank International Film Festival

Behind the Scenes on THE SHAPE SHIFTER:




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