April 2015

Right now I'm finishing up edits on 2 new audiobooks: PSYCHOPHILIA and READER.

Both these books were super-challenging for different reasons, but I'm so proud of the finished products.

Pyschophilia is a psychological thriller from the POV of a woman who may or may not be crazy, may or may not be pregnant, and may or may not be telling the truth. It's creepy and darkly funny at times and required me to record it entirely in a British accent! I leaned heavily on youtube vloggers and conversations with an old friend from BADA to refresh my accent- you'll have to let me know how I did!

Reader: Daughter of Time on the other hand is a Futuristic Sci-Fi Fantasy written by a real-life biomedical scientist. I don't know if you've read much Scientific Fantasy (is that a genre?) but I've had a chance to narrate a couple books in this vein and there is seriously a world of difference when it's written by someone who actually works as scientist versus someone who's just making things up off the top of their head.

And that's not even mentioning what talented writers both of these authors are. Do yourself a favor and listen to these books!

And I had some great auditions this month with Linda Lowy, Lisa Ystrom and Danielle Aufiero!

Update: Psychophilia and Reader are available for sale!

(Click through images to Audible.com)

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